Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Monarch Rewards desk to enroll. Rewards desk is located on the casino floor. You must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid federal-issued identification to enroll.

Yes, go to You must create a free online account and link it to your Monarch Rewards Club Card. Then you will be able to review your Monarch Rewards rates and book them online.

Online enrollment is not available at this time.

At the time of enrollment you will be asked to provide a four-digit number to be set as your PIN. You are responsible for keeping your PIN secure; do not share it with anyone. If you created your account online, you will provide a four-digit number upon arrival to the Monarch Rewards desk.

To change your PIN in Nevada, call the Monarch Rewards desk at 800.723.6500, email the Contact Us Page or visit the Monarch Rewards desk during business hours. The Monarch Rewards desk is located on the casino floor.
To change your PIN in Colorado, visit the Monarch Rewards desk during business hours. The Monarch Rewards desk is located on the casino floor.

At the time of enrollment, once complete, a Monarch Rewards card will be handed to you.

An Online Account allows you to sign in and play games and see offers.

A Monarch Rewards Membership tracks your casino play and offers even greater rewards. View your tier status, comp dollars and free play progress online with a linked Online Account + Monarch Rewards Membership, get special offers and benefits based on tier status and play.


Yes, you can redeem Comp Dollars at any Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. property. Comp Dollars can be redeemed at all participating outlets, including the hotels.

No, offers are only available at the issuing property.

Benefits do vary by casino resort. Please check with the Monarch Rewards desk for all available benefits or online at

The benefits of being a Monarch Rewards member are based on your level of play. You may receive offers of Free Play, hotel stays, event tickets, and much more. You can also earn entries into drawings for cash, free play and gifts.

For a full list of benefits, see Monarch Rewards.

Yes, the Monarch Rewards card number is the same at each Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. property.

Offers will continue to be based on play.
To check your available offers visit a Monarch Rewards kiosk or the Monarch Rewards desk. If you have an online account and have linked your Monarch Rewards membership, you may check your offers there as well.
Present your Monarch Rewards card at any participating outlet at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa when you are using cash or credit card for payment and receive 3% Back in Comp Dollars. You must present your card at time of purchase. Valid on non-gaming spending and activities.

You can earn Comp Dollars playing slots, video poker and table games. Comp Dollars start being earned at the Monarch level and increase based on Tier Level.

Every $1 of Comp is worth $1 in any outlet and hotel.

Every $1 of Comp is worth .50 of Free Play.

Please visit one of our many Monarch Rewards kiosks on the casino floor to check your account information. You may also visit the Monarch Rewards desk or sign in online at

To receive a win/loss statement for either Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada or Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk, Colorado, log in to your Monarch Rewards account and click Win/Loss Statement.

Visit the Monarch Rewards desk to request a replacement card.

During your enrollment into Monarch Rewards please provide your mailing address. You can update your mailing address by visiting the Monarch Rewards desk located on the casino floor or online at

During your enrollment into Monarch Rewards please provide your email address. You can update your email address at any of our Monarch Rewards kiosks or at the Monarch Rewards desk or online at

To remove yourself from the mailing or email list please contact us or visit the Monarch Rewards desk.

No, you will not receive offers if you opt out of receiving them by mail or email.

To update your contact information please visit the Monarch Rewards desk or a Monarch Rewards kiosk or online at

Tier Status is a card level within Monarch Rewards. It determines which benefits you are eligible for.

Each tier has a name: Monarch, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Royal Diamond and Black Diamond.

Yes, tier status expires every six month period. Period 1 is January 1st through June 30th and period 2 is July 1st through December 31st each year.

To maintain your tier status, earn the same or more number of tier points in the 6 month period as you did in the previous period.

For additional updates on your tier status and casino/hotel offers, please sign in to your Monarch Rewards account.

Monarch requires 0 Tier Points

Ruby requires 250+ Tier Points

Emerald requires 1,500+ Tier Points

Sapphire requires 7,500+ Tier Points

Royal Diamond requires 15,000+ Tier Points

Black Diamond by invitation only

Tier Points are used to determine Tier Status. They accumulate during game play based on certain parameters of play, on slots and table games. It only takes 250 tier points to reach the next Tier status after you signup.

Tier Points are earned by using your Monarch Rewards card at the games you like to play. For table games please hand your card to the dealer or pit supervisor when you sit down to play at every table. Live poker and Keno please hand your card to the representative.

Yes, you will earn Tier Points when you present your Monarch Rewards card at all non-gaming outlets and use cash or a credit card for purchases.

Tier Points for table games are posted as soon as the table rating session is closed and entered into the system. Tier Points for slots and video poker are posted after the session closes when you remove your card from the machine.

Visit the Forgot Password page to reset your password.

You need to link your Monarch Rewards membership card to your online account. Click on "Link Accounts" when you are signed in and provide a valid player ID number. Player IDs are found on the front of your Monarch Rewards card above your name.

You must activate your account first. Please check your inbox for an activation e-mail from Monarch Rewards. You may also need to check your spam or junk mail folder, and add to your e-mail whitelist.

Only one account may be linked to an email address, and there is already an account in our system using that address. Please try signing in with your email address. If you continue to have issues, contact us.

Online Accounts require a unique email address for each Monarch Rewards card holder. In order to view account details like comp dollars, tier level, and offers, the accounts must have a different email addresses.

You can play online at Go to Games > Monarch Reels. You will need to sign in and add a screenname to your online account prior to participating.

You may create an online account at When creating an online account from our website or app, you will receive an activation email to activate your account so you can begin playing. If the activation email doesn't arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you did not see the activation email in your spam folder or your inbox, please contact us via email at and include the email address you registered with so our team can activate it manually.

Yes, your web login will work with the app, and vice versa. You can continue to use the same login for future contests, as well as our ongoing "play for fun" slot games.

No, there is no cost to play. You just need to create an online account and play to win great prizes during the contest promotional period.

You must be 21 to win and redeem prizes and must provide a valid email address.

Yes, you can play as often as you like. Only a completed game will count towards the result.

For our Online Slot Contests, your highest score is displayed on the contest page. For Online Video Poker Contests, the top 10 scores from all players are displayed on a leaderboard.

Scores for games are logged upon completion. Therefore, if your game begins before midnight on the last day, but ends after midnight, your score will not count toward the current contest. Please be sure your game is completed before the contest ends.

Upon completion of the contest, winners will be notified via email.  At the completion of each contest, the ranked (top 10) and daily random winner player names will be posted on the Contest page.

The contest operates in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC -8).

We recommend using only Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to play at this time. The contest is also available on your mobile device and on our Atlantis Reno app. Unfortunately, older versions of Internet Explorer and Safari are not compatible at this time. You may download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for free to participate.

You must complete each game for scores to save. Please make sure of the following:

  • Your internet connection must remain active in order for your scores to be sent to our server.
  • Cookies must be allowed within your Web browser for the contest to work properly. These settings vary for different Web browsers and security settings. Some anti-virus programs can also block the use of cookies as well if the security settings are high. Please be sure that cookies are allowed, or enable them for the domain.
  • JavaScript must also be enabled within your Web browser.

Yes, you can play on your mobile device with an HTML5 compatible browser or on our Monarch Rewards app. For best experience, you can play on your PC with the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

During the contest, all players can click on their own best scores on the leaderboard display to see their best hands from any session. You can also click on other players' scores in the leader board at any time to view the winning hands from the current Top Scores.

These contests end up with very impressive scores at the top of the list. Keep in mind that in an entire contest, millions of hands can be played. With thousands of players competing, it takes great luck to appear even in the top 100 scores.

Some have wondered how a player can average hundreds of points per hand. In this case, this is not an accurate way to look at a contest session. Nobody plays 100 hands and wins them all. The top scores almost always contain a very lucky winning deal worth thousands of points on its own, which is just the nature of the game. A dealt royal flush (there are always several of these in each contest) in triple play is worth 12,000 points in itself.

If you evaluate the best possible winning deal for a game, you can be pretty sure somewhere in the millions of hands played, someone is going to achieve that, or close to it. If you are curious about how the winners achieved such high scores, click on their scores in the leader board to see the exact cards from their winning hands.

Of course, the more deals you play, the more chances you have at hitting those lucky hands. Someone is going to come out on top, and it could just as easily be your next session.

Strategy decisions are entirely up to you as a player.

In a contest, the "right" strategy may sometimes vary from optimal strategy, given you are trying to overcome great scores and are not putting any money at risk. Since there are only prizes for the very best scores, some players may choose to make holds that give them the best opportunity at a big winner. Also keep in mind that in the event that two or more players have the same "best" hand in a session, the winner will be determined by all the other hands in that session. To determine the most appropriate strategy, a player should consider the available pay tables, features of the game, and the likelihood of converting on each opportunity.

Visit "Gift Card Balance" on and type in the 16-digit number above the address line on the back of your Gift Card, or you may call 800.914.2436 to check your balance.

Gift Cards do not have expiration dates. You may use your Gift Card at any time.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa will refund the order if completed in error. You must notify with a request for a refund.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa gift cards ordered online with the Free Pick Up option can be picked up at the Business Center Monday – Friday 7 am to 6 pm. The Business Center is located on the 2nd floor near the Fun Center, adjacent to the Atlantis Catering offices.

To contact the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Business Center in Reno, Nevada, please call: 775-335-4535.

Yes, gift cards can be ordered online with the option Free Pick Up and someone else can pick it up. In order for the guest to pick it up you must give the Business Center the name of the person picking up the card. The guest picking up the gift card must show ID.

To contact the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Business Center in Reno, Nevada, please call: 775-335-4535.

No, Gift Cards are not reloadable.

Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.

No, lost or stolen Gift Cards cannot be replaced. Monarch Casino Resort, Inc and Atlantis Casino Resort Spa are not liable for any lost or stolen Gift Cards. Please keep your card in a safe place and treat it like cash.

Yes, you may present your Gift Card upon check-out as payment toward room nights. Please note that a valid credit card is required to guarantee room reservations and must be presented at check-in.

No, comp dollars cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

Win/loss statements are still available. To receive a win/loss statement for either Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada or Monarch Casino Resort Spa in Black Hawk, Colorado, sign in to your Monarch Rewards account and click Win/Loss Statement.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa Reno offers an indoor and outdoor pool area and a Fun Center with arcade, eSports and Chicago Dogs restaurant.

Please call 775.954.4375 for chip or gaming ticket redemptions during this time.

Bistro Napa has the best happy hour from 4-6 every weekday. 

Central City is one mile west, Idaho Springs is 20 minutes west, and south Golden and Evergreen are 40 minutes from Black Hawk. Boulder and Denver are one hour away from Black Hawk.

Colorado Mills is the nearest mall. It is located in Golden approximately 40 minutes away from Black Hawk.

The Denver International Airport is approximately one hour and 10 minutes away from Black Hawk.

Black Hawk does not offer daily or weekly tournaments. Any special tournament will be in the monthly promotions mailer.

There are televisions throughout the casino that broadcast games from standard channels and cable, including our video wall at the Stage Bar. There is not a place to view pay-per view fights or fights on premium cable channels.

No, Colorado does not have a betting limit.

Yes, cocktail waitresses can serve alcoholic beverages in our casino 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Current hours of operation are 11:00 am to 7:00 pm MT. The BetMonarch app is available 24/7, outside of normal sportsbook hours of operation the wagering limits are lower and some events may be closed. Sportsbook hours may be extended for certain live events that take place outside of current hours of operation.

Yes, underage guests are welcome accompanied by a guest 21 years old or older.

Yes, Guests under the age of 21 years old are welcome with a guest over 21.

Yes, Monarch Casino will refund bus tickets with points earned in the same day. Currently, Monarch Casino does not have a shuttle program.

Yes, donation requests can be sent to The Donation Committee, P.O. Box 9, Black Hawk, CO 80422. Please send a letter with the details of your organization, what event you are requesting a donation for, and what specifically you are requesting.

Both Monarch Casino Resort Spa, Black Hawk and Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Reno, are owned and operated by Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc.

Atlantis is a Four Diamond property in the heart of Reno, NV with a world-class resort, liberal gaming, an award-winning spa and eight exceptional restaurants. For more information on Atlantis, visit

Yes, tickets that expired during the shutdown may be redeemed for an additional 90 days.