• John L. won $15,000

    Congratulations to John L. who hit eight out of eight numbers on Sunday, February 18 to win $15,000.

  • Aaron I. won $23,628!

    Congratulations to Aaron I. who took home $23,628 during our Money Madness giveaway on Sunday, March 4.

  • Paul N. won $25,000 - Twice!

    Congratulations to Paul N. who recently won $25,000! This isn’t the first time Paul has won big at Atlantis. In fact, he won another $25,000 in December and had only stopped by Atlantis on March 4 to get his photo taken with our signature big check when he decided to put some money into his favorite machine and won again! Talk about luck!

  • Christine T. won $14,795.67!

    Congratulations to local guest Christine T. who won $14,795.67 playing penny slots. She said she was only playing for 20 minutes and only with $8 when she hit the jackpot.

  • David and Karen Y. won $7,353.69!

    Congratulations to David and Karen Y. who won $7,353.69 after hitting the Keno progressive six on 4/4/18!

  • Mike G. won $17,333!

    Congratulations to Mike G., who hit a $17,333 jackpot on 4/4/18!

  • Jay B. won $8,000!

    Congratulations to Jay B. who won $8,000 playing video poker on April 4, 2018. He says he’s going to share his winnings with his wife.

  • Leona H. won $50,000!

    Congratulations to Leona H., who hit a $50,000 jackpot on 4/8/18! Leona was playing on the Black & White Double Jackpot slot machine for only 15 minutes when she hit the jackpot.

  • Michael W. won $50,000!

    Congratulations to local guest, Michael W. who won $50,000 on April 10! Michael was playing the Deuces Joker video poker machine when he hit the big one. He plans to put his winnings into the bank.

  • Michael V. won $29,887

    Congratulations to Michael V., our first Money Madness winner who took home $29,887!

  • Bob T. won $20,075.69!

    Congratulations to Bob T., who hit Money Madness minutes after we awarded the first winner.

  • Gloria G. won $23.095.33!

    Congratulations to Gloria G. who hit the Money Madness jackpot, winning $23.095.33!

  • Juan V. won $83,226.95!

    Congratulations to Portola, CA guest Juan V. who hit a huge jackpot on Monday, Sept. 3, taking home $83,226.95. Juan was playing in the $1 denomination when the jackpot hit, and plans to go on vacation with his jackpot winnings.

  • Aaron E. won $69,461.88!

    Congratulations to Aaron E. from Reno, who won $69,461.88 on Saturday, Sept. 29. Aaron was visiting Atlantis for his birthday and playing on the slots for 10 minutes when he hit the jackpot. He plans to buy a new computer with his earnings.

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  • Evie C. won 15,387.91!

    Congratulations to Evie C., who won $15,387.91 on Tuesday, December 31, 2018.

  • Sandra F. won $42,250

    Congratulations to Sandra F., who won $42,250!

  • Scott M. won $7,400

    Congratulations to Scott M. who won $7,400 on Tuesday, April. 2.

  • Marita R. won $27,373.82

    Congratulations to Marita R., who won $27,373.82 on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

  • Candy H. won $66,617!

    Congratulations to Candy H., who won $66,617 on Monday, April 29, 2019.